Morry Quillan is the owner of Quillinformer.


Quillan was the supplier of the drug used by Dollmaker's minions Patti and Doug to anesthetize and, in some cases, kill the street children. Quillinformer was one of only three pharmaceutical companies in Gotham City to stock the drug. Harvey Bullock and James Gordon tracked the two of them to the Quillinformer warehouse were Quillan was helping to hold the street children for the upcoming shipment. While Patti and Doug got away, Quillan was arrested. When Bullock and Gordon were interrogating Quillan, James Gordon uncharacteristically expressed no reservations about Bullock's heavy-handed methods due to the heinous nature of Quillan's crimes. Quillan gave Bullock and Gordon the clue to finding Trident Intercontinental Shipping. He recalled that the truck that Doug and Patti were using featured a logo. Quillan mistakenly identified the globe and trident logo of the company as a blue plate and a fork. This led to the Gotham City Police Department rescuing the street children there and arresting Patti, Doug, and those with them.[1]


Quillan always has an internal justification for his every action, and occasionally makes half-hearted pseudo-moral protests, although these are generally designed merely to increase his own fee in the current project.


Season 1


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