Molly Mathis is a member of Wayne Enterprises' Board of Directors.


Molly Mathis is a Wayne Enterprises board member who was pointed out by Alfred Pennyworth as having worked very closely with Thomas Wayne before his abrupt death. She agreed to meet with Bruce at the Charity Ball Luncheon hosted by Wayne Enterprises, concerning the irregularities he had found within the Arkham Project. After Stan Potolsky revealed that he had created Viper for WellZyn, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, Mathis insisted that this was a lie. She was later revealed to have lied, after she staked out the site of the drug's creation while Detectives Gordon and Bullock finished investigating it. She told the unknown person that she was calling that the detectives didn't find anything.[1]

Later, Reginald Payne reports to Molly Mathis, Sid Bunderslaw and the Wayne Enterprises board about the suspicions that Bruce had uncovered concerning them. She was advised by Reg to kill Bruce Wayne while Alfred was incapacitated.[2]


Season 1


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