Miriam Loeb is the mentally disturbed daughter of the corrupt former Gotham City Police Department Commissioner Gillian Loeb.


During her life, Miriam Loeb killed her mother by smashing the back of her skull in with a candle stick. This was because she believed her mother 'robbed' her of her chance to perform. Her father covered up his wife's death as an accident and had Miriam living in the attic of a farm house owned by him, with an elderly couple named Jude and Marge to look after her. In doing so, Miriam would not be imprisoned or put into a mental asylum, as she had no contact with the outside world. During her time alone, she made a necklace out of the bones of the birds that landed near her window which she killed. Approximately twenty years later, Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock, and Oswald Cobblepot discovered her in the attic while looking for Commissioner Loeb's secret. After talking with her, as well as using the bone necklace as proof of her insanity, Gordon employed this information (as well as threatening her well-being) to blackmail Loeb into giving him the files on Harvey Bullock and supporting Gordon for president of the policemen's union, in exchange for keeping his daughter unharmed and from being sent to Arkham Asylum.[1]


Season 1


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