Melanie Blake was a subject resurrected by Dwight Pollard and his team of scientists.


Lucius Fox shows Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock Melanie's corpse. Lucius tells them that she died of coronary failure, but also died three days previous after being killed by her boyfriend. Lucius shows them that Melanie had burns on her from someone having applied a strong electrical current to her, meaning that she was resurrected. Later, Dwight Pollard goes down to their secret lab, where he scolds a scientist named Gus for letting a revived Melanie Blake get loose and be found dead. Gus claimed that Melanie stumbled out while he wasn't looking and died again when her body couldn't take the electrical currents that were placed into her which proved to be too strong.[1]


Season 3


  • She is the first resurrected person not to be an antagonist.


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