"I have to thank you, my dear, for taking such care of your skin. Excellent elasticity."
—Maxwell Symon to one of his patients.[src]

Maxwell Symon was a plastic surgeon who specialized in surgically removing faces.


Maxwell Symon is a plastic surgeon who was known for surgically removing faces from people and giving them to different people. His accomplice Toad disposes the bodies by hiring cleaners like Paulie Pennies. As Maxwell was attempting to surgically remove the face of one of his patients, captain Nathaniel Barnes walked in and held him at gunpoint after being taken to the location by Toad. Maxwell very calmly asked for his right to an attorney and told Barnes that he wasn't going to resist arrest. But when Barnes started hearing voices shouting, "Guilty!", he almost killed Maxwell himself, but stopped himself and brought him into the GCPD. Due to Maxwell being uber-connected, Judge Bam Bam sent an order to the Gotham City Police Department to have Maxwell released. Maxwell was ultimately released and decided to attend Leslie Thompkins and Mario Calvi's wedding party that was held by Carmine Falcone. Barnes spotted Maxwell and decided to follow him into the restroom. Barnes started hearing the voices again and threw Maxwell through a brick wall. Jim Gordon discovered him outside, nearly deceased. Before he dies Gordon asks him who did this to him, and he replies with the name of Barnes before passing away soon after.[1]


Season 3


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