Marv is one of Hugo Strange's experiments from Indian Hill.


Escape from Indian Hill

Marv was among the Indian Hill experiments that escaped from the prison transfer bus that was supposed to take them upstate. He and the other Indian Hill experiments started wandering the streets of Gotham City.[1]

Joining Fish Mooney's gang

After having Ethel Peabody captured, Fish commands Peabody to help her with her new powers. When Ethel insists that she can be of no help, Fish has Marv use his power to drain Ethel's youth, causing her to die of old age. Later, when Ivy Pepper shows up uninvited when she was caught by Nancy, Fish had Marv dispose of her much to Selina Kyle's objection which led to a chase. Marv managed to touch her only for a moment, causing her to fall into a drain pipe and be washed away.[2]

Marv's brief touch on Ivy turned out to have aged her to an adult woman. Following the fight between Fish Mooney's gang and the Gotham City Police Department, Marv got away with Fish Mooney, Nancy, and Sid. The four of them abducted Harvey Bullock where they got the location of Hugo Strange out of him as they head to an old mansion where he is held. When the Gotham City Police Department converges on the location following Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean arriving with an angry mob, Marv assisted Mooney into getting Strange out the back while Nancy and Sid buy them some time. When near the woods, Cobblepot confronts the three of them as he tells Marv to take his leave.[3]

Powers and abilities


"Sort of a... fountain of youth in reverse."
Fish Mooney to Ethel Peabody[src]
  • Age manipulation: Marv is described to have abilities similar to the Fountain of Youth, but in reverse. Anyone he touches ages to an elderly state. When not using his powers, Marv wears white gloves which hold back his aging touch. However, his hold doesn't immediately render his victims to an elder. When he had briefly touched Ivy Pepper, she grew to be a woman in her 20s.


Season 3


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