"The new Arkham Asylum will serve the mentally ill of Gotham in ways the present asylum never can. Those poor, sick souls deserve our help."
—Martha Wayne's note[src]

Martha Wayne (née Kane) was the mother of Bruce Wayne and wife of Thomas Wayne. She was a noted philanthropist among Gotham's elite.


Aftermath of the Robbery at the Wayne Manor

When Detectives Harvey Bullock  and Amanda Wong were sent to investigate a robbery at the Wayne Manor, Martha was the one to answer the door. Harvey whistled at the sight of her, mostly impressed at what he viewed as her show of confidence which he likened to Fish Mooney. Amanda asked Martha if she had been present during the robbery, to which Martha said that she had been asleep.[1]

One night, while walking through an alley to catch a cab, Martha and her family were mugged by an armed robber. After taking Martha's pearl necklace, the robber deliberately murdered Martha, only seconds after he did the same to her husband Thomas.[2]

Selina Kyle, picking up a photograph in Wayne Manor, observed to Bruce that "she looks nice", which gave him an opening to berate himself once more for his inaction.[3]


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  • The character of Martha Wayne was created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger and Gardner Fox. She first appears in Detective Comics #33 (November 1939), in the first exposition of Batman's origin story.
  • According to the Gotham newspaper, Thomas and Martha's time of death is 11:13 pm, unlike in the comics, where their time of death is 10:47 pm.


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