The Maroni crime family was a powerful crime organization based in Gotham City.


The family founder is unknown, but Salvatore Maroni, in his youth, was noticed by the family boss when he was working in a restaurant, and later became a member and eventual, boss of the family.[2]

Under Don Maroni, the family bacame strong in the criminal ring, ruled the harbor area, and even rivaled the organization of Gotham's kingpin, Carmine Falcone. However, Maroni was ambitious, and in the try of weaken Falcone, he hired the hitman Richard Gladwell to kill several councilmen payed by Falcone to obtain Arkham Asylum's reconstruction contract. This action weakened the Falcone crime family. Eventually, the rivalry between the families escalated into a violent gang war for the city's control.[3]

In the aftermath of the gang war, Salvatore Maroni was killed by Fish Mooney for making sexist remarks leaving his henchmen present to fight Fish Mooney's gang. The Maroni Crime Family was dissolved, with many underlings including Tommy Bones becoming members of the Cobblepot crime family after Penguin solidified his rule over Gotham.[4]

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