Marino, also known as the Ridgeback Monster, was one of Hugo Strange's experiments from Indian Hill.


The Ridgeback Monster is an Indian Hill experiment that had strange ridge-like bony plates on parts of his's head and down his back. He along with other experiments escaped from Indian Hill in a prison transport bus and started roaming the streets of Gotham City.[1]

Six months later as a member of Fish Mooney's gang, the Ridgeback Monster attempted to rob a pharmacy and attacked the pharmacist; throwing the man through the window and onto the streets. When the monster makes a go for the man, Jim Gordon arrives on the scene looking to subdue the monster and bring him in as part of a bounty. The pair get into a fight, with the imposing and strong monster gaining the upper hand. The fight ends when Jim is forced to push him in front of an oncoming truck, thus killing him. It was mentioned in Nathaniel Barnes and Aubrey James' press conference that crews are still "picking up the pieces" of the Ridgeback Monster.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Enhanced strength: The Ridgeback Monster has enhanced-strength.
  • Enhanced durability: The Ridgeback Monster has invulnerability.


Season 3



  • The Ridgeback Monster was the first of the Indian Hill monsters to die on-screen.
  • The Ridgeback Monster's real name of Marino was revealed in the novel Gotham: City of Monsters.


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