"She sings and dances and does magic tricks. Gets paid, like, millions. But, that's just a cover. Really, she's a secret agent for the government."
Selina Kyle speaking (sarcastically) to Bruce Wayne about her mother[src]

Maria Kyle is the long-lost mother of Selina Kyle who returned to Gotham to scam her daughter's boyfriend to get money for her and her boyfriend.


Maria was born on the streets and abandoned soon after birth at St. Maria's orphanage, where she would later leave her own daughter and she was named for the orphanage. She had Selina when she was rather young, and left her at St. Maria's when Selina was five.

At the Gotham City Police Department, Selina Kyle was told by an officer that she'd still be going upstate, as she was thirteen, with no parents. However, Selina told him that she had a mother, though the officer told her that she was listed as deceased, Selina argued that she was still alive.[1]

Selina describes her mother to Bruce during her stay at Wayne Manor.[2]

Maria shows up in person when she arrives at the scene where Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne, and Selina Kyle had slain Talon. As Selina recognizes her mother, Maria recommends that they take their leave immediately.[3]




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