Marge was the husband of Jude in charge of securing the house where former Commissioner Loeb's secret daughter was imprisoned in the attic.


Madge greeted Harvey BullockOswald Cobblepot, Jim Gordon, in the living room as they arrived at the remote townhouse seeking Commissioner Loeb's cache of blackmail. Madge served tea while the men spoke, secretly preparing to kill the intruders. She opened fire with a shotgun and Jude with a rifle, and in the ensuing firefight, Bullock shot Jude in the arm. While the cops were upstairs, Cobblepot struck a deal to allow the couple to leave, and help them escape the country and Loeb's retribution. Later, Owsald, who was down to one shell, forced Jude and Madge to fight to the death for a train ticket to Arizona. Mage, without warning or mercy, beat Jude to death then was shot dead by Oswald.[1]


Season 1


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