Lunkhead was a strongman who worked for Haly's Circus. He helped Zachary Trumble retaliate against Jerome Valeska for the murder of Lila Valeska.


Lunkhead was the strong man at Haly's Circus. Zachary Trumble recruited Lunkhead to help protect him against his nephew, Jerome Valeska. Zachary had Lunkhead hold Jerome down while he poured hot soup on Jerome’s face. When Bruce Wayne showed up, Jerome broke free and sent Lunkhead after Bruce while he dealt with Zachary. After killing Zachary, Jerome watched Bruce struggle against Lunkhead, laughing hysterically. Selina Kyle showed up and helped Bruce subdue Lunkhead. Bruce then tied Lunkhead up with cords. [1]


  • Strength
  • Invulnerability


Season 4



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