Luke Garrett
Luke Garrett.png
Occupation GCPD officer
Status Deceased
First "Rise of the Villains: Strike Force"
Appeared in 2 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by Lenny Platt
"My father's family business was destroyed by armed thugs who demanded he pay them protection money. When he refused, they beat him half to death. I'm here to make sure that doesn't ever happen again."
—Luke Garrett[src]

Luke Garrett was a member of Unit Alpha of the Strike Force.


Luke's father's family business was destroyed by armed thugs who demanded he pay them protection money when he refused, the thugs beat him half to death. Due to this, Luke joined the Gotham Police Academy to make sure nothing such as that ever happened again.[1]

Joining the Strike Force

Captain Barnes interviewed and recruited Luke along with, Josie Mac, Sal Martinez, and Carl Pinkney to the Strike Force. The group was later presented with their uniforms and weapons by Barnes, and were present when he was told about the murder of Janice Caulfield. Luke along with the rest of the Strike Force, saved Randall Hobbs from Victor Zsasz who had been attempting to assassinate him. Luke and the rest of the strike force were later berated by Detective Harvey Bullock for joking about the near miss of Josie getting shot, and he and the others were presented by Barnes with their first case, to build a case to take down the Penguin.[1]


Luke along with the rest of the Strike Force invaded one of the Penguin's count houses, with Luke telling Barnes that there had to be roughly two million dollars there while bagging the money. He later told both Barnes and Gordon at the GCPD precinct that the lab had called in, reporting that the recent fires had been started with thermite and high-end accelerants. Garrett later attempted to subdue one of the arsonists that Detectives Gordon and Bullock had cornered, being set on fire in the process, though it was put out by Gordon, with an ambulance being called for him. Luke later died at 5:23 a.m.[2]


"You're way too smart to be here, Garrett. Don't tell me, your father's a cop?"
Nathaniel Barnes[src]


Season 2


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