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Lo Boyz is a gang in Gotham City.


A helicopter sent by Bruce Wayne was shot down by an RPG fired by an unknown person and crash-landed in the Lo Boyz' territory in Old Gotham. Nando led the Lo Boyz to the crash site where they ran into the Cobblepot crime family. Oswald Cobblepot managed to either kill or drive away the Lo Boyz present before the Gotham City Police Department and Tabitha Galavan showed up.[1]

The Lo Boyz accompany Cobblepot, the Street Demonz, and the Undead to Haven so that Cobblepot can regain his servants.[2]


Former members

  • Nando (leader, deceased)
  • 7 Members (deceased)
  • Second Leader (deceased)


Season 5


  • In the DC Comics, the LoBoys were one of the major gangs active during No Man's Land.
  • The Lo Boyz are spelled "Low Boyz" when on the map that Jim Gordon looks at while the credits spell it's group as "Lo Boyz" in the credits to "Penguin, Our Hero." However, they are actually spelled "LoBoys" in the original comics.


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