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Liza was a singer at Mooney's Nightclub and Carmine Falcone's former housekeeper.


The Audition

Liza was a singer who auditioned for Fish Mooney's Nightclub. After auditioning, she was asked if she wanted to be powerful and respected by Fish Mooney, to which Liza agreed that she did. Afterward, when asked by Mooney to seduce her as the final part of the audition, Liza kissed her. Later when Mooney made the decision to have Liza and another singer fight to see who would get the position, she quickly beat the other girl into submission, earning her place at Mooney's side.[1]

Secret Weapon

Fish then began teaching Liza opera notes and chords. She disguised her to look like Falcone's mother and planted her on Falcone. Liza listened to opera with Falcone in the park, and began completing tasks for Fish and getting close to Falcone. Liza's bodyguard was later gunned down and she was hooded and kidnapped. Terrified, she found herself a hostage, but breathed again when she realized it was Fish who had taken her. Ms. Mooney had decided to make her move against Falcone, and Liza was her lever. In exchange for Liza's safe return, Falcone would have to agree to leave Gotham permanently, and go live in the country with his love. Falcone himself saw merit in this, but a combination of Victor Zsasz's unwillingness to let him give up, and Penguin's revelation that Liza had been planted in Falcone's life by Mooney changed his mind. Falcone arrived at the nightclub apparently resigned to the quiet life, but once he spoke to Liza himself, and saw from her reactions that Cobblepot's accusations were true, Zsasz and his henchwomen shot and killed Mooney's goons. Deploring the way he had been manipulated with the image of his mother, Falcone strangled Liza himself, and then told Zsasz to take away Mooney and Butch Gilzean, who were the only survivors on her side. Penguin was, however, given the opportunity for one last gloat, before his nemesis was dragged away.[2]


Season 1


  • Much to Mooney's dismay, Liza genuinely felt for Carmine Falcone, but still did Fish's bidding.


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