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"But only because I know that you'll never quit. And I love that about you."
—Lee expressing her feelings towards Jim Gordon[src]

Dr. Leslie "Lee" Thompkins is the wife of Jim Gordon, the widow of the late Mario Calvi and a former medical practitioner in the female ward of Arkham Asylum. She later becomes the medical examiner at the Gotham City Police Department, Jim Gordon's second ex-fiancée and the mother of their unborn child. However, after Jim is framed for murder and is imprisoned, Leslie loses the child and temporarily leaves Gotham City. She returns to Gotham City with her new fiancée, Mario, the son of Carmine Falcone. She injects herself with the Alice Tetch virus and eventually takes the blame for Mario's death, attempting to atone for her mistakes.

After she's cured, she once again leaves Gotham because of the corruption that the city has brought, as well as to temporarily distance herself from Jim. However, she returns to Gotham once more, feeling guilty for letting the Tetch virus bomb go off, and has the task of healing the wounded in Cherry's place in the Narrows. She later teams up with Edward Nygma and Solomon Grundy. After Barbara Kean shot Cherry, she became the new leader of the Narrows until she was tortured and thrown out on the street by Sofia Falcone. She shot Sofia in the head as a revenge and she became the leader of Narrows once again. Lee then began a romantic relationship with Ed Nygma and the two committed crimes together until Ed felt that she still loved Jim. After Ed noticed she still loved Jim he attempted to kill her, resulting in both of their deaths.

After three months of absence, Lee returned to Gotham under the control of Nyssa al Ghul as a Plan B in order to kill Jim Gordon; but failed. She later reconciled with Jim, and the pair finally married.


Meeting Jim Gordon

A doctor in the female ward, Leslie is called over by Director Gerry Lang to look at a male patient that had electroshock therapy performed on him by an unknown assailant, meeting Officer Jim Gordon while doing so. Forming a friendship with him, she later examines yet another patient who had electroshock therapy performed on them. Catching Jim and Dorothy about to go into the basement of Arkham Asylum, she asks to join them, though her request is rejected by Jim, who tells her to leave, as he suspects Dorothy to be the one performing the electroshock therapy, with Dorothy escaping from them shortly afterward. The two later escape a mob of inmates chasing after them, after being freed by Dorothy.[1]

Leslie tells Jim about an inmate who curses dolls of people for inmates, giving him a doll resembling Sal Maroni.[2]

Leslie is called on by Jim to help him with a case, though she arrives dressed up, and he confesses to using the case as an excuse to see her. The two then kiss before Gordon has to leave.[3]

Working for the GCPD

Leslie and Jim conclude their third date with Leslie informing him that she has been hired as the new medical examiner of the GCPD, much to Jim's surprise. The next day, she arrives for her first day at work and is shown around by Captain Sarah Essen. Leslie later invites Jim to the circus, and Jim once again reminds Leslie to avoid PDA (public displays of affection) in front of their peers, and she reluctantly accepts the condition, though she still steals some kisses from time to time.[4]

Lee Thompkins

Leslie and Jim share a date together at Haly's Circus, but the date abruptly ends when clowns burst onto the scene, being led by Owen Lloyd, who engages Alphonse Grayson. Though Jim is unable to find out anything, Leslie manages to find out through John Grayson and Mary Lloyd that this confrontation, between two members of their families, had been about a snake charmer named Lila Valeska. Fearing that something might have happened to the woman, Leslie and Jim visit her son, Jerome Valeska, to find out the whereabouts of his mother. Jerome's concern for his mother and him not knowing anything about the whereabouts of his mother, coupled with the suspicious attitude of the ringmaster, makes Jim suspicious, and using her snake to guide them, they soon manage to find Lila's dead body covered by a blanket.

Later at the GCPD, an elderly, blind, psychic named Paul Cicero arrives before Leslie and Jim to deliver a message Lila had supposedly sent him from beyond the grave. While Leslie considers that it might have some truth, Jim, however, is skeptical. That night at Leslie's apartment, she and Jim have dinner, and she is excited by the message Paul Cicero had brought them earlier. With her wits, she manages to decipher the message, as it referred to a park located under the Arkham Bridge. Humoring her, mainly because of her insistence, Jim goes with Leslie to visit the park at night. To the surprise of them both, they immediately find an old, blood-coated ax, with symbols carved into the handle. Leslie is later present when Jim interrogates Paul Cicero and Jerome Valeska. She figures out that the latter had killed his mother, and that Cicero had assisted him.[5]

When Leslie sees the report of the case Jim is investigating, she is horrified to discover that the victim, Grace Fairchild, is close to her age and was last seen alive in a bar located in her neighborhood.[6]

At her apartment, Leslie hears a strange sound in the middle of her bath. After exploring, she discovers that the intruder is actually a cat, but she quickly turns around and accidentally hits Jim, in the spur of the moment. Later, after being tended to, Jim tells Leslie the truth about the Ogre and how this case came into his hands. Jim asks her to leave town, but she refuses, knowing that Gordon could catch him. He then confesses his love for her, and the two kiss.[7]

At the GCPD, Leslie asks Jim when the last time he had slept or ate was, and she reminds him that Barbara's kidnapping was not his fault. Gordon tells her that anything that happened to Barbara would be his fault. Later, after Gordon rescues Barbara, Leslie congratulates him and confesses that she thought he would blame himself for protecting her, and that she had worried that whatever the two of them had would be dead because of how much he cares for Barbara.[8]

In the medical examiner's room, Leslie gives Barbara an examination. After concluding that Barbara has healed physically after her encounter with the Ogre, Dr. Thompkins recommends that Barbara receive trauma therapy. Barbara keeps asking Leslie to be her therapist, and the doctor reluctantly agrees to do so, to Jim's discomfort. Leslie meets with Barbara for therapy at her penthouse, where she confesses her fear of one day waking up and discovering that Jason is still alive. At one point, Barbara tells her that she felt more frightened by Jim during their first date than she is of Jason. She, to Lee's surprise, asks if Jim ever hit Leslie, to which Leslie replies that he hasn't. Dr. Thompkins continues asking about Barbara's experience with the Ogre. Under the guise that she had told Leslie some of her secrets, Barbara asks Leslie if Jim had told her that he loved her. Leslie says no, and Barbara tries to get more details of their relationship; however, Leslie refocuses on the matter at hand. Soon after, Barbara confesses to Leslie that she was the one who'd killed her parents, not the Ogre. Barbara then starts chasing Leslie around the penthouse with a knife, forcing Leslie to seek refuge in the bathroom, where she tries to make an emergency call. Barbara manages to break open the bathroom door and lashes out furiously against Leslie. They engage each other in battle, throwing each other until Leslie finally manages to knock Barbara unconscious after hitting her head against the floor. Gordon, Bullock, and Falcone then enter the penthouse, with Leslie and Jim embracing while Leslie explains what had happened.[9]

Leslie is told of Jim's firing by Loeb. Jim realizes she's happy he got fired, though Leslie tells him it's because she knows he will keep fighting. Later, Barbara calls Gordon, trying to convince him Leslie lied about what had happened the night the two fought. Gordon hangs up, and Leslie asks who it was. Barbara calls Leslie's home phone immediately afterward, so Gordon admits his call was from Barbara. Barbara leaves a voice message, telling Leslie to "die screaming." Dr. Thompkins tells Gordon they should leave Gotham and start a new life, though Gordon says they can't due to him doing an unlawful action. She later attends Commissioner Loeb's retirement ceremony with Jim, and afterward is informed by the newly appointed Commissioner Essen of the Arkham inmates' breakout, which included Barbara Kean.[10]

Leslie checking bodies after the GCPD massacre.

When The Maniax raid the GCPD, Leslie saves herself by hiding in the medical examiner's room.[11]

At the Gotham Children's Hospital Gala, Leslie encounters Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. During the show, Leslie eventually recognizes Barbara and calls Jim, but she is taken by one of Galavan's henchmen. While Jerome is terrorizing the hostages, Barbara taunts Leslie, telling her that she and Jim will get back together in a year and will tell their grandchildren about how a "man-eating harpy" almost tore them apart. Leslie kicks her, and Barbara tries to stab her in retaliation, but Jerome stops her, saying it hasn't been 10 minutes yet.[12]

Leslie is woken up by Captain Nathaniel Barnes, who calls her phone. He tells her he's going to be sending her a lot of dead bad guys and asks to speak to Jim.[13]

Leslie convinces Jim to have a double-date with Nygma and Kristin Kringle that night at their home. During the date, Leslie notes that Ed is more relaxed, lively, and cheerful and that he even offers up a toast to their friendship. After the date ends, Leslie and Jim discuss Galavan's proposal.[14]

In the archive room, Leslie and Kristin Kringle have a conversation with each other. They first discuss Tom Dougherty before Kristin moves the conversation onto her relationship with Ed, telling Leslie that he is too gentle and that she feels as if he is holding something back from her. Later at her apartment, Leslie sits with Selina Kyle, who points a gun at her.[15]

Leslie later gives Jim a key to her apartment, as she doesn't like getting up late at night to unlock the door for him. She later arrives at the medical examiner's lab and finds Nygma there, who invites her to go and grab some coffee so Leslie could give him some advice.[16]

Leslie agrees with Captain Barnes about Jim going after Galavan without the proper evidence. When Barbara arrives at the GCPD and offers to show Jim something in exchange for giving him information, Leslie strongly protests, as she advocates for Barbara being sent to a hospital as quickly as possible to resume her treatment. Before Jim leaves, Leslie and Jim have an argument, as Leslie tells Jim that Barbara has sucked him back in and that his and Barbara's sickness feed off of each other.

Dr. Thompkins is later kidnapped by Tabitha Galavan and brought to Gotham Cathedral and tied to a wheelchair. Barbara tries to tell Leslie who Jim really is. As proof of good faith, Barbara confesses the location of Mayor Aubrey James. She then asks Gordon to admit to something, though when he questions Barbara as to who kidnapped Mayor James, she asks Lee whether she knew how he got reinstated at the GCPD. Leslie surprises her by telling her that she knows Jim had killed a man for Penguin. Barbara then holds a knife to Lee's face, telling the latter that she would prove that she loved Gordon more by carving Leslie's face off of her skull. However, Leslie distracts her by asking her where she got her wedding dress from, allowing Gordon (who had been filing down the ropes holding him with the pipe on the chair) to break free and grab the shotgun Barbara had previously wielded. While Jim frees her, Leslie informs Jim that Barbara is escaping. Later, Leslie informs Jim that Barbara's life was saved thanks to bushes that broke her fall, but she sustained half a dozen broken bones and was in critical condition.[17]

Leslie intercepts Jim on his way to Galavan's penthouse, and given the recent events that occurred, it had shown Leslie that Jim was finding ways to give in to his inner darkness which worried her. Later, Leslie tended to Jim's wounds and asks him to always tell the truth. Gordon's phone then began to ring, and Leslie answered it, with Detective Alvarez informing her of the death of Officer Parks at the hands of Eduardo Flamingo.[18]

Leslie performed an autopsy of the monk's body and later questioned Ed as to Kristin Kringle's whereabouts.[19]

In an attempt to prevent Jim from helping Oswald Cobblepot go after Theo Galavan, she reveals that she is pregnant with his child and tries to persuade him to leave Gotham with her. However when Jim finds out from Alfred Pennyworth and Harvey Bullock that Bruce Wayne has been kidnapped by Theo to be killed by the Order of St. Dumas, he decides to help them go after Theo. Leslie then leaves. After Jim deals with Theo, he reconciles with Leslie and proposes to her.[20]

Leslie goes home with Jim after he's cleared of all charges for the murder of Theo Galavan.[21]

Leslie visited Bruce Wayne at the call of Alfred, who feared that Bruce was suffering emotional trauma after his abduction. With a lack of emotion, Bruce confessed he was more determined than ever to find the murderer of his parents. Leslie tells him that he needs closure, not an unhealthy obsession, but at that point, Bruce ends the conversation and states that perhaps they could do it again at some point. Leslie is later informed that Nora was being transferred to Arkham, to use as bait for her husband, Victor. She is eventually convinced that it was the best option, but everything doesn't go as expected when his Leslie decides to accompany as Nora she was refused to leave her patient. There, Ms. Peabody escorted Leslie and Nora to the medical wing of the asylum, where to Lee's displeasure held Barbara Kean who was in a coma. Leslie was later asked to prepare Nora for transfer by Gordon. Suddenly, Victor appears and Leslie offered to provide her services as a doctor, which Victor accepts. At the Fries home, Leslie was asked by Nora to get her some water. A few seconds later Victor returns with the necklace and after a kiss, he freezes her. Upon discovering that Nora had changed cartridges in the gun Leslie is asked by Victor to tell the police he would surrender without resistance. Later at her apartment, Leslie is informed by Jim that Victor Fries had died in Arkham's infirmary. He then berates her for the danger that their baby at risk, but she makes him see that he put their child in danger when he decided to use Nora as bait. However, Gordon points out that putting her there was Captain Barnes' idea, and it was good police work. Leslie then told Jim that she did not believe his story about what had happened to Galavan, and emphasizes that Jim lied to her. [22]

Leslie goes to Jim to ask him to find out the whereabouts of Kristin Kringle since she hadn't received her last paychecks, and Leslie was afraid that Tom Dougherty might have hurt her.[23]

Leslie visiting Jim in prison.

After Jim is set up for the murder of Carl Pinkney and sentenced to life in prison, he tells Leslie to forget about him and raise their child on her own, much to her distress.[24]

Leslie lost the baby and left Gotham City[25], she went to work for the Hillsborough Police Department in Atlanta.[26]

Moving on

A few weeks after leaving Gotham, Leslie thought she moved on from Jim and found herself a new partner. After Jim decided to leave Gotham City in order to find Lee, he tracked down her address and arrived with flowers in hand. But while peering through the window, he saw her with her new partner. Broken, Jim departed without letting her know about his visit and returned to Gotham City, where he decided not to return to the GCPD and instead became a bounty hunter going after monstrous escapees from a facility known as Indian Hill.[27]

Six months later, Leslie arrived back in Gotham by train.[28]

When Jim Gordon first met Mario Calvi at Gotham General Hospital, he mentions how Leslie has talked about him. At a restaurant, Mario later tells Leslie about his encounter with Gordon. They are then visited by Mario's father Carmine Falcone who talks to Leslie about his son's history. He then does a toast to their relationship.[29]

Leslie is later abducted by a deranged Jervis Tetch as part of his revenge game against Jim Gordon, Mario arrives at the precinct where he crosses paths with Gordon about to leave. Gordon received a clue about Leslie and Valerie Vale's whereabouts from the "White Rabbit", which was the home of Mario and Leslie. As Gordon goes inside to join Tetch, Leslie and Valerie at his "tea party", Mario sneaks into the cellar to retrieve his gun. After Mario was stopped, Jim is told who he should shoot. When Jim quotes "Kill Lee," Tetch shoots Vale. After Tetch, Dumfree Tweed, and Deever Tweed get away, Mario gets to work in the emergency room to perform surgery and save her life. While Gordon and Leslie wait, Leslie assures Gordon that Mario is a good surgeon and will save her.[30]

Leslie told Mario that Jim told Jervis to kill her because he knew that Valerie would get shot instead, meaning that he actually saved her life that day. Mario told Leslie that he wanted Jim out of their lives.[31]

While leaving a restaurant with Mario and Carmine, Leslie witnesses the valet get killed by a car bomb that was planted there by the The Court of Owls. After seeing Leslie leaving Gordon's apartment, two punks came up behind him and started messing with him only to be brutally taken down by Mario. It is then shown that Mario was infected by Alice Tetch's blood.[32]

Jim knocks Victor Zsasz out to get his weapon back and makes his way to the church in order to warn Leslie about Mario being infected, but it is to no avail. Before leaving, Leslie asks Carmine to have Gordon removed from the church. When the wedding starts, Mario watches as Carmine escorts Leslie to him as they exchange their vows as Gordon is beaten up by Carmine's men. They are pronounced husband and wife by the priest. At his father's lakeside house, Mario thanked Leslie for sneaking them out of the reception. When Mario asks her if she still cares for Gordon, Leslie states that she loves Mario, but she will always care for Jim. Jim visited Carmine asking for the location of Mario and Leslie while telling him what happened to Mario. Carmine tells Jim that he will give him the location only if he promises to bring Mario in alive. Jim promises and is given the location. When Gordon heads to Carmine's refuge, he sees Mario with a knife in hand, seconds away from stabbing Leslie. Jim stops Mario by shooting him twice in the chest in self-defense. Though some of Mario's blood got onto Leslie's cheek.[33]

Seeking revenge on Jim Gordon

Following her husband's death, Leslie grew extremely resentful towards Jim despite the fact that he saved her life and attempted to have him arrested by Bullock but to no avail before agreeing with Falcone's order to have Jim killed. However, after visiting Barnes in Arkham and realizing that Mario wouldn't have lived healthily with the virus, she had the hit called off. Despite this, she still had a hatred for Jim and stayed as far away from him as possible, continuing to bring up the death of her husband every time they crossed paths. Leslie is later seen visiting her late husband's grave. When Jim approaches, she asks him how he can live with all the destruction he has caused and says she wishes that she could do the same. Eventually, Frank Gordon was found dead in Jim's apartment and Leslie grew suspicious of Gordon, believing that he killed him, though Jim admitted the truth to Bullock that Frank committed suicide, but Leslie merely believed that Harvey was covering up for him. Later on, Leslie discovered that the bullet in his head was removed and replaced with another, which was an old school trick used to cover up a murder. Leslie then threatened to expose Jim for "killing" Frank and exacting revenge on him for Mario's "murder".

Instead of convincing that Jim "killed" his uncle, both Harvey and Lucius refused to accept that Jim is a "criminal", because she is hurt about what happened to Mario (unbeknownst to her, Harvey and Lucius help Jim stop the Court of Owls from destroying Gotham City) due to her feeling betrayed by her colleagues at GCPD, she packs up all her things and leave Gotham for letting her hatred of Jim turning everyone against her. Before leaving, Jim, finally having enough of Lee blaming him for Mario, angrily told her that she can accuse him and leave all she wants, but it will not change the fact that Mario was infected with the virus and tried to kill her, adding that he had no choice but to kill him and that he would do it all over again if it meant saving her. A hurt and shocked Lee then left the GPCD and her office without another word.

Sometime later, Lee experienced a hallucination that Mario was still alive. She recalls Jim shooting Mario before Mario told her she was safe after she thinks Mario was jealous of Jim. Mario tells Lee to take her medicine before he then cuts his hand, allowing his tainted blood to fill her wine glass. Before she can drink it, however, Lee wakes up and knocks the glass down. Later, she meets Jervis Tetch, discovering that he infected Mario. Jervis then states that because he did so, and because of the incident at Jervis's house, her love for Jim was evident as Jervis stared at her. After Jervis correctly deduces that she blamed Jim for everything, Lee then believes that she herself is to blame. After she departs, Lee comes back to the GCPD shortly after the skirmish with Jim, Bullock, Katherine, Alfred and Barnes. Noticed by Jim, she only noted that she came by to "get some things". With Jim bringing up the subject of Barnes, Lee tells Jim that Barnes loved the GCPD, before blaming Jim for his condition. Shortly after dismissing Jim, Lee managed to discreetly take the blood sample of Alice Tetch's infected blood. Afterwards, Lee makes it to her house before she injects herself the Alice Tetch virus, still intent on making Jim pay for killing Mario. After she injects the virus into herself, Lee breathes heavily before smiling with wicked satisfaction as her eyes turn black and veins appear around her face.

Infected with the Virus

After directly injecting herself with the virus, she began blaming herself for Mario's death. She destroys everything she had with him by tossing her wedding stuff into the fireplace. Realizing now that she truly loves Jim and always has, she tries to seduce him. When he narrowly resists, Lee grabs him by the throat and tells him his real problem: how he pretends to be something he's not. She knocks him out and kidnaps him, burying him underground leaving him a walkie talkie and syringe with the virus. 

Making her way to the GCPD, Lee arrogantly tells Harvey and the other officers what she did to her former lover, as part of her plan to force them to see that the man they hold in such high-esteem is really a monster just like her. Through her walkie, Lee gives Jim the ultimatum of remaining buried alive and eventually dying or taking the virus and escaping while revealing his true self. Lee allows herself to be put in the cell as part of furthering her strategy. When Harvey narrows down the location of where Jim is and takes a squad to find him, Lee mocks him by saying that he will not get to Jim before he takes the virus and that when he does, he will be hers once again.

True to her prediction, Jim injects himself with the virus and escapes. Learning this in addition to where he is headed, Lee makes her own escape and confronts Jim, knocking him down before he could defuse the bomb in order to allow it to go off in the city and accelerate Jim's infection. Lee tells her former lover to come find her when he is ready, departing just before the bomb goes off. 

Lee calls Jim to check on his condition, surprised that he is still fighting it, but insists he not anymore, as he can now allow his true self to take hold. Hanging up, Lee goes to The Sirens club to "have some fun". There she easily defeats Butch Gilzean, and after mocking Tabitha Galavan about being a sidekick to Barbara like she was with her brother, tells her to deliver Barbara a message from her: that next time Lee sees her, she will tear her head off.

Lee calls Jim one more time and tells him she is leaving Gotham by train and that she wants Jim with her, making him promise not to fight the virus anymore and to promise not to leave her again. Awaiting Jim at her home, Lee stops him from trying to cure her and kisses him, seducing him into leaving with her as they are and destroying the syringe he brought. Boarding the train, unbeknownst to Lee, Jim had gotten two new vials of the cure and when she is distracted, he injects her, curing them both, but rendering Lee unconscious. Later, feeling remorse for her recent actions, Lee leaves town on her own to atone, leaving Jim a letter expressing not only her confidence in his ability to save Gotham, but also her love for him, hoping that one day, he will be hers again.

Living in the Narrows

After she was cured from the Alice Tetch virus, Lee once again leaves Gotham; she leaves Jim a letter at her apartment in which she admits her fault of infecting Gotham with the virus and expresses willingness to help those affected.

Lee would eventually return to Gotham due to the fact that she blamed herself for the epidemic, mostly in the Narrows, and proceeded to start a clinic. Lee found it hard to keep the facility afloat, and struck a deal with Cherry, a woman who owned a fight club called Cherry's Place. Lee would provide medical help to the fighters at Cherry's and Cherry would help her with financials at the clinic.

Some time after this, Edward Nygma would come to Cherry's place in hopes of winning money with his newfound "friend" Solomon Grundy, aka Butch Gilzean. Lee protested against them being there, and would try to convince Grundy that Nygma was just using him. Nygma was intrigued by Lee and asked for her help in fixing his brain damage, but Lee declined, due to the fact that he had framed Jim for murder before and killed her friend, Kristen Kringle. Nygma followed her to her clinic and put two and two together regarding her and Cherry's deal. He tried to blackmail Lee, but was quite pathetic in his attempt because of his brain damage, and Lee was merely amused by him. However, after seeing how much more help she needed with the clinic, she agreed to help Nygma if he gave her a cut of his and Grundy's cash from the fights.

Later, the Sirens would come to the club to kidnap Nygma for Penguin, who was angered after learning that Ed had been mocking him on stage. The Sirens fought Grundy in the ring over Nygma. The Sirens would win, but Penguin has set them a deadline, which they had missed. Therefore Firefly, who works for Penguin, would threaten to set the whole club on fire. Lee would shoot Firelfy in the back, and told the entire club that she had deduced that Cherry was the one who had told Penguin about Nygma's act. Cherry attempted to turn the club against the Sirens, but Barbara Kean shot Cherry in the head, and Lee was appointed the new leader of the Narrows.

Lee was a benevolent leader, much more so than any of her predecessors. With Grundy to serve as muscle (when necessary) and Nygma as her advisor, she resolved to make the Narrows a better place. She was able to deal with most problems, such as powerhungry gangster Sampson, peacefully. She earned the name the "Doc" because of her service as a doctor.

Later on, Lesile and Edward become friends with Lesile explaining to him that his conditon was psychological; not physical. When questioned, she explains that she didn't tell him because she wanted the Edward he was before the Riddler took over. Unknown to them, Butch started gaining his memories back and eventully leaves after regaining them fully.

Shortly after, Lesile meets her sister-in-law, Sofia Falcone and has a chat. Despite them getting along well at first, Sofia betrays her sister in law by granting Sampson control of the Narrows before breaking one of Lesile's hand. This leads to Lesile teaming up with Ridder and Oswald to overthrow Sofia; eventually getting her revenge by shooting her in the head when she was about to kill Gordon (who, at the same time, tried to take Sofia down), leaving her comatose. After getting Jim to the hospital, Lee returned to the Narrows and exacted revenge on Sampson, first by having him beat up by her loyal men, then breaking his hand with a hammer, thus once again becoming the leader of the Narrows.


As Lee and Ed worked their way as the leaders of the Narrows , they began to have a relationship which Lee used as a way to get Nygma to do what she wanted. Later, As Jeremiah Valeska threatened the city, Lee wanted to leave the Narrows and start a better life with Ed. When Jeremiah blew the bridges she had to stay in the Narrows for the people and told Ed that their relationship had to end. Lee stabed Ed when he tried to stab her. Ed later stabbed Lee as well before they embrace a final time. They both fall to the floor with their wounds killing them. Oswald Cobblepot later paid Hugo Strange to save Ed and Lee. 

No Man's Land


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No Man's Land: Day 246

Jim Gordon and Lee Thompkins marry.png

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One month later, Gordon and Lee are married at the GCPD by Bullock with Bruce, Selina, and Alfred as the wedding guests. Bruce and Selina share a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, Barbara is disappointed and plans to leave Gotham City with Oswald Cobblepot, Edward Nygma, and her baby.

Ten Years Later

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Initially, Lee is a kind, caring and selfless individual who has a moral compass, she is also intelligent and unafraid of being around the dangers that Jim Gordon brings as a police detective.

After becoming a member of the Falcone family via her engagement and eventual marriage to Mario Calvi, Lee has become extremely arrogant and self-righteous, she is not afraid to use her connections into the family for her own ends as proven when she punched and later threatened Edward Nygma in retaliation for Kristen Kringle's murder. However, the latter was completely unfazed by this threat of hers; due to the fact that he knows that Carmine Falcone no longer has any influence in Gotham City (regarding the criminal underworld) as Oswald Cobblepot is now in charge.

Lee's relationship with Jim has diminished, as he tried to warn her not to marry Mario, as the latter was infected with Alice Tetch's blood. She didn't believe him and instead thought he was trying to sabotage her relationship with Mario out of jealousy. Lee later found out the hard way when Jim killed the former in self-defense.

Lee is incapable of acknowledging her mistakes; for example, even after Mario was revealed to be infected by Alice Tetch's blood, Lee still blamed Jim for Mario's death (completely disregarding the fact that he saved her life) and wanted him arrested, but Harvey refused (mainly because Mario's death was a legal kill) and defended Jim's actions, in addition, Lucius Fox pointed out that Mario would have eventually gone on a killing spree and even Carmine Falcone, whose respect for Jim became contempt after he killed Mario, could clearly see that Lee was using her anger towards Jim to hide the fact that she is still in love with the latter, her inability to acknowledge her mistakes, takes a turn when she visited Nathaniel Barnes (another infected victim) and was horrified not only by how much the virus has changed him, but also realized that Mario would have ended up the same as Nathaniel, learning this and confirming Carmine's perception, causes Lee to realize Jim truly did save her life. However, despite this, she still goes out of her way to berate Jim for her husband's death, constantly harassing and criticizing him even when he does nothing.

Eventually, everyone at the GCPD, including Jim himself, got tired of Lee trying to blame him for ruining her life and she resolves to leave, telling Jim that he is the true virus that has infected the lives of those around him, when a fed-up Jim coldly and cruelly pointed out how Mario tried to kill her, he told her that he would kill him again in a heartbeat if it meant saving her, he even points out that she can blame him for her husband's death and never come back, but it's not going to change the fact that Mario was infected by the virus and that he tried to killed her, making it very clear that he is justified, guiltless and unapologetic in his actions, whether she chooses to believe it or not. Lee was deeply hurt by what Jim said to her to the point where she nearly cried, but instead walked away without another word.

After Lee was cured from the Alice Tetch virus, she once again leaves Gotham; because Lee felt too ashamed to face Jim, after what she did to him, as well as the fact that she put the entire city lives in danger, feeling guilty and remorseful for her actions.

Despite this, Lee's personality has not changed at all (in a bad way) as she is just as arrogant and self-righteous as ever, she also still refuses to accept the fact that Mario tried to kill her when he was infected with the virus, however, when infected with the Alice Tetch virus, she destroys everything related to her relationship with Mario, which proves that she must have realized that he tried to kill her and knows that Jim isn't a cold-blooded killer. She also knows he was infected with the Alice Tetch virus, realizing the effects that it had on her were the effects it also had on Mario himself.

After being brought back to life by Hugo Strange, Lee recovers her old personality. She also says that Jim put himself in her situation, when he had a baby with Barbara Kean after everything he had said to her, which probably means that Lee finally had realized that it was a terrible mistake of her to get involved with the Falcone family, which caused the destruction of her life. After she slaps Jim in the face she is finally able to realize that Jim has always loved her depsite her former actions againts him.

"The virus has shown me how to give in to my deepest desires. And I will no longer deny myself what I really want."
—Lee Thompkins to Jim Gordon[src]

During Lee's infection with the virus, Lee sees that Mario's death was somehow her fault and that Jim is the only individual she's ever truly loved; she also has lustful feelings for him. Shooting Sofia Falcone brought her dark personality back for a brief time.

After being brought back to life by Hugo Strange; Lee's dark personality has finally disappeared; this time for good.

Powers and abilities


Former powers

"I may have a virus making me freakishly strong and mildly insane, but even I know that you were a sidekick to your brother and you're a sidekick to Barbara."
—Lee Thompkins to Tabitha Galavan[src]

  • Superhuman strength: After taking the Alice Tetch virus, Lee gains a significant increase in strength; as she becomes able to lift Jim Gordon up by his neck with one hand and throw him back a short distance, as well as knock him down with a wrench. She later shoves Butch Gilzean across the floor with a mere push. She claims Tabitha Galavan to be capable of ripping Barbara Kean's head right off her body, which would require an "extreme" level of strength as previously stated by Lucius Fox after Nathaniel Barnes decapitates Paulie Pennies. She is initially able to resist Jim trying to inject her with the antidote to the virus. However, she loses her strength after Jim injects her with the antidote.


"I'm not gonna get all misty-eyed, but the simple truth is this department has missed you. God-given talent like yours is hard to find. Your expertise and your professionalism is exemplary. I'm very pleased that you're returning to the GCPD. Where else can you make a difference like this? Nowhere."
Nathaniel Barnes to Lee Thompkins[src]

  • High-level intellect: Lee is intelligent, displaying a wide array of expertise in biological and psychological medicine and hands-on experience, as well as being a skilled surgeon.
    • Expert medic: Lee is highly trained in medical care, as she has been a doctor for an unknown number of years. After her hand injury inflicted by Sofia Falcone, she treats Jim Gordon for multiple gunshot wounds, keeping him alive until the paramedics arrive. Afterwards, as noted by Harvey Bullock, even working one-handed, she is still a "damn good doctor."
    • Expert psychologist: While rarely seen, Lee counsels individuals regarding psychological problems, she tries to help Barbara Kean, regarding her kidnapping by the Ogre. She has tried numerous times to counsel Jim, to his reluctance, and even counsels Bruce Wayne, regarding his abduction by Theo Galavan.
  • Expert markswoman: Lee is highly skilled in the use of firearms. She is able to shoot Sofia Falcone in the forehead. Harvey Bullock commends her marksmanship.
  • Skilled leader: Lee is able to lead The Narrows.
  • Combatant: Lee has shown some fighting skills during her brawls with Barbara Kean, Ivy Pepper, and Jervis Tetch's Hypnotised Henchmen in Ace Chemicals.


Former weaknesses

  • Arrogance: After becoming a member of the Falcone family via Lee's engagement, later marriage to Mario Calvi, she has developed a massive ego; this is evidenced by the fact that when she tries to have Jim Gordon arrested for Mario's death. However, this ends very badly, as all the members of the GCPD are aware that Mario's death was a legal kill, another example of her arrogance is when she tries to turn all the members of the GCPD against Jim, to make them see that he ruins other individuals' lives. However, this completely backfires, as they turned against her instead; due to Lee's incapability of acknowledging her mistakes; as the individual who is truly responsible for ruining Lee's life is not Jim, but Lee herself. However, following Lee's resurrection at the hands of Hugo Strange; she has lost any form arrogance or ego that she once had; as she has finally acknowledged her mistakes; as Lee accepted that she is responsible for ruining her own life.


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  • Lee Thompkins, along with Jim Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Oswald Cobblepot, are the only main characters to appear in all 22 episodes of season 3.
  • Lee has so far had three known love interests, as are listed in order; Jim GordonMario Calvi and Edward Nygma.
  • Despite Lee's marriage to Mario Calvi, prior to the latter's death, later her marriage to Jim Gordon, she is still called by her maiden name.
  • Morena Baccarin became married to Ben McKenzie in real life during the course of the show's production, and the pair came to have a daughter together.
  • In Season 3, Lee has the same house as Gerald Crane's first victim did in Season 1, Episode 14 (The Fearsome Dr. Crane).

Behind the scenes

  • Leslie Thompkins was created by Dennis O'Neil and Dick Giordano. She first appeared in Detective Comics #457 (March 1976) where she was depicted as a friend and fellow medical student of Thomas Wayne, while later serving as the personal doctor of Batman. 
  • This is the first live-action incarnation of the character Leslie Thompkins.


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