The Lazarus Pit is a mysterious pit of eldritch waters with the power to restore life and heal life-threatening injuries.


The exact origin of the Lazarus Pits are unknown but they have existed for thousands of years. The man known as Ra's al Ghul was first exposed to the pits in Arabia, 125 A.D. After being killed on the battle field, a traveller took him to a pit and brought him back to life. Since then it has given him the ability to live far beyond that of any normal mortal, over 2000 years. It has also given him time to build his secret global organisation, the League of Shadows.[1]

Two pits are known to have existed, the one in Arabia and another located in Gotham City, underneath the Yuyan Building.

Bruce Wayne saw the Lazarus Pit when he had his first encounter with Ra's al Ghul.[2] After a mesmerized Bruce stabbed Alfred Pennyworth, Ra's al Ghul got away telling Bruce to use the waters from the Lazarus Pit on him.[3]

Ra’s al Ghul used the Lazarus Pit to resurrect Barbara Kean, so that she could be the new Demon’s Head one day.[4]

Somehow the waters within the Lazarus Pit was obtained by Wayne Enterprises for Project M. It was stolen from the greenhouse that it was held at by Ivy Pepper.[5]

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