Lacey White is a newscaster for the WEBG Gotham News channel. She is known to have had several flings with GCPD detective Harvey Bullock. 


Sometime in the past she went out with Harvey Bullock on several separate occasions.  Two months before the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Lacey showed up with her camera crew at the grounds of the Wayne Manor to cover the story behind the break-in and theft at the mansion which resulted in the death of one of the robbers. Upon Harvey Bullock's arrival, she greeted him briefly, teasing him as to why he'd kept out of touch. After promising to meet up sometime in the future she backed off and returned to her crew. [1]   

Lacey reported the latest news to the residents of Gotham. She talked about how the news of the Spirit of the Goat was making the wealthiest one percent "rest fitfully". [2]


Season 1



  • The character appears in the prequel novel Gotham: Dawn of Darkness (set two months before the series pilot) in which it is mentioned and shown that she has had sexual relations with Harvey Bullock on multiple occasions.


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