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Kyle J. Davis is an author and journalist in Gotham City. He wrote the book "Gotham's Sewers: An Oral History" and also works for the Gotham Gazette.


Approximately 11 years before the Wayne murder, Kyle Davis worked for Wayne Enterprises. He participated in the company's cricket team along with Thomas Wayne and Hugo Strange.[1]

An article named "Danzer Estate Up In The Air" about Ronald Danzer published in Gotham Gazette issue 12183 was written by Kyle Davis.[2]

Davis was mentioned in one of the documents Bruce Wayne examined in order to learn more about the corruption within Wayne Enterprises and its subsidiary WellZyn. According to the document, Kyle Davis was put in charge of corporate marketing of WellZyn's products.[3]

More than one year later, Davis also wrote a newspaper article about James Gordon with the headline "Hero Cop Receives Medal" for the Gazette.[4]

Lucius Fox later found an old photograph from the Wayne company's newsletter that was taken 12 years ago. It depicted the old cricket team and listed the names of the team members shown in the photo. One of the members was Kyle Davis. Fox took the photograph and presented it to James Gordon, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth at Wayne Manor since it also listed Hugo Strange's nickname "The Philosopher", therefore identifying him as the man who ordered the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne.[5][6]

When Oswald Coblepot was mayor of Gotham, he held an award ceremony for Kyle J. Davis at Gotham City Public Library. Mayor Cobblepot presented Davis The Mayor's Award in Literature for his book "Gotham's Sewers: An Oral History". The inscription on the award guaranteed the recipient that his book would be housed in the permanent collection of the Gotham City Public Library.[7]


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  • Similar to Judge Bam Bam, Kyle Davis was referenced as an in-joke and easter egg on various occasions over the course of the show. Davis did not appear in person until the episode "Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster".
  • Many of the people depicted on the cricket team photo shown in "Wrath of the Villains: Azrael" were named after real crew members that worked on the production of Gotham. Among them are art director Anu Schwartz (misspelled "Anu Schwarts"), graphic designer Drew Weininger (as "Andrew Weininger") and picture car coordinator Paul Weathered. Grant T. Gardner from the props department appears as "Grant Gardner", while "Travis Quegan" is likely an allusion to the property master of the same name. It is unknown if Kyle Davis was also a reference to a real existing person that worked on the production of the show.


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