Kelly is a former prisoner of Francis Dulmacher who later becomes a high-ranking member of Fish Mooney's gang.


Meeting Fish Mooney

Kelly was one of many people kidnapped by underlings working for Francis Dulmacher (also known as Dollmaker) and taken to his island to be used in harvest organs as part of his operation. He was locked away in an underground prison and met former crime boss Fish Mooney, whom made her presence known to the prisoners and planned to lead a rebellion against the Dollmaker.[1]

Fish managed to negotiate with the guards to get to meet Dollmaker[2]. After making a deal with him to work as a partner she returned to the underground prison to retrieve his guard Thomas Schmidt who stayed behind as insurance to make sure she would live, but unfortunately, Kelly was on the "list" and was taken away. Fish defended her actions as there would need to be sacrificed for them to survive and eventually escape.[3]

Kelly is returned to the prison and Fish finds him in pain. She then tells him they are going to escape. Kelly, Fish, and other prisoners manage to escape by using a helicopter, although Fish ends up being shot and critically wounded. Regardless, they manage to get away from the island.[4]

Kelly and the other prisoners started working for Fish in her her own gang in a bid to takeover the Gotham City criminal underworld. Kelly was present when Fish and Salvatore Maroni prepared to kill Carmine Falcone, however, the war escalated when Fish shot Maroni in the head due to his sexist comments, leading to both factions gunning at each other. What became of Kelly during the firefight is unknown.[5]


Season 1


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