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The Kean crime family was a short lived criminal organization in Gotham City, which was formed by Barbara Kean following the temporary downfall of the Cobblepot crime family and the alliance of the Gilzean crime family. The Kean crime family was dissolved after Barbara was reformed following the No Man's Land incident.


Becoming an associate of Penguin sometime after her relapse into insanity, Barbara Kean fell into the fold as one of The Penguins underlings in the Gotham underworld. Opening her own nightclub alongside Tabitha Galavan through which they gained influence in the underworld. Eventually Barbara sought her own power and grew tired of relying on Penguins influence, so after discovering his attraction to Edward Nygma and his hand in the murder of the latter's girlfriend Isabella she saw the opportunity to conspire against him combining her own ambition with Nygma's intelligence to bring down Oswald Cobblepot and his hold over the underworld. Having taken down Oswald Cobblepot with the help of the combined efforts of Tabitha Galavan, Butch Gilzean and Edward Nygma (the third whom 'killed' Cobblepot), Barbara Kean became the "Queen of Gotham" mirroring Penguins title as "King of Gotham" and began to run her own crime organization, operating from her and Tabitha's nightclub The Sirens. Barbara's crime organization also became one of the most powerful as her and Tabitha managed to wipe out other high-ranking members in other rival crime families across the city.[1]

Barbara and Tabitha investigated a mysterious shipment from Indian Hill for Jim Gordon, only for their men to be ambushed and killed by a Talon. The two women managed to make their escape.[2]

Nygma (now operating as the Riddler) continued working with them, although Tabitha disliked having him around as he had cut off her hand a few months previously, although Barbara wished to keep him around due to his uses. Barbara's new found power took over as she was desperate to become the most powerful figure in Gotham and began plotting to take down a mysterious group running the city known as The Court of Owls.[3]

Due to Barbara's methods her control over the underworld had been limited and so she never took full control of the underworld by the time of her demise. After Barbara's death at the hands of Tabitha, the crime family has been dissolved leaving control of the criminal underworld in Penguin's hands once again.[4]

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