Katherine Parks was a rookie officer of the GCPD.


Working for the GCPD

Parks was assigned to help Captain Nathaniel Barnes, Forensics Officer Cortez and Detective James Gordon in searching Theo Galavan's penthouse, looking for evidence to increase the suspect's jail time. However, Galavan's sister Tabitha hires hitmen to kill Gordon and everyone else who defends him. The first hitman is an elderly man, who almost manages to kill him but is abducted by Gordon. The older man tells them that if the first guy doesn't succeeds, they'll just send more and more until the target dies. The second wave soon arrives, and kicks the door in. Gordon manages to kill one of them, the other hitman almost shoots Parks but she guns him down while he is reloading his pistol. The elderly man then frees himself of his cuffs and subdues Parks, threatening to kill her. Gordon looks at the elder and says that his glasses are like targets, and shoots his head. The last standing hitman manages to stab Barnes in the knee, damaging an artery. The hitman is then gunned down by Barnes. The third wave is only one man, Eduardo Flamingo. Flamingo proves his skills when he, by himself, kills two entire police units who had just arrived. Not wanting his friends to get hurt because of him, Gordon goes to fight Flamingo alone. Gordon manages to subdue Flamingo, almost killing him. Later, Parks assures Gordon that she will have him processed and arrested.[1]


While she is bringing Flamingo to his cell, Flamingo drops in the ground to distract her and proceeds to bite her fatally in the neck, with nearby police officers clubbing Flamingo in an attempt to get Flamingo off her. Parks dies minutes later, making Gordon regret his decision to spare Flamingo's life upon being informed of what happened by Alvarez.[1]


Season 2


  • Katherine Parks was 23 at the time she died.[2]


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