Karen Crane was the mother of Jonathan Crane and the wife of the late Gerald Crane.



She died in a fire whilst Gerald was paralyzed with fear and unable to rescue her. Her death was the direct cause of Gerald's obsession with 'curing' himself and his son of fear, a monomania which led to the father's death and the son's hospitalization.[1]


Season 1


  • The character is based off Karen Keeny from the comics, who appeared in Year One: Batman/Scarecrow. In that depiction she wasn't married to Gerald Crane and only had a brief relationship with him, and wasn't even allowed to raise her child, Jonathan. When Jonathan become the supervillain Scarecrow, he murdered her abusive husband and tried to kill her and her infant daughter, but he was stopped by Batman.
    • In the universe of Batman: The long Halloween Johnathan Crane hanged his mother possibly on mothers day.


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