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The Kane family was one of the five families that ruled Gotham high society.


Nearly 200 years ago, the Kanes were one of the five families that ruled Gotham high society along with the Waynes, Elliots, Crownes, and the Dumas.[1]

Harrison Kane, who made a candidacy for mayor of Gotham and a possible member of Kane family, was killed by Jerome Valeska, leaving his wife a widow.[2]

Known family members



  • In the comics, the Kanes are Martha Wayne's Family, one that spawned the likes of Kathy Kane/Kate Kane who became known as Batwoman and a member of the Bat-family. 
  • As a relation between Martha and the Kanes has never been established in the show's continuity, her and Bruce's relation to them remains unknown, thus leaving the bloodline of the family in somewhat of a deceased state, given the deaths of all its known bloodline members. Harrison Kane's widow is the only known living member, albeit only by marriage.