Jude was the husband of Marge.


Coming out to Harvey Bullock's car, Jude asked the trio of Oswald Cobblepot, Jim Gordon, and Bullock whether or not there was anything he could help them with. After being told by Cobblepot that they were sent by Commissioner Loeb, Jude invited them into his home for tea. After explaining to Jude and Marge that Loeb had sent them there for an inspection, as he was worried about security, Jude asked Marge to go get his keys. Though it was revealed to be code, as Marge went and got a shotgun, and the two shot at the three. In the ensuing gun fight, Bullock shot Jude in the arm, and Gordon disarmed Marge. While Gordon and Bullock were upstairs, Cobblepot made a deal with the couple, letting them go, so they could escape the inevitable punishment that would descend on their heads after Loeb found out about their failure. As he was only able to acquire one ticket to Arizona, Cobblepot told the two that they would have to decide which one of them went. Marge then proceeded, without warning or mercy, to beat Jude to death, killing him. This was, however, a ruse by Cobblepot, who only had one cartridge left in the shotgun, and wanted a single target. Cobblepot then fatally shot Marge.[1]


Season 1


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