Josie Mac is a member of Unit Alpha of the Strike Force. She is the only remaining member of the original Strike Force.


Joining the Strike Force

Captain Barnes recruited Josie along with Luke Garrett, Sal Martinez and Carl Pinkney to the Strike Force before they could become corrupt.[1]

Defending Randall Hobbs

The mayoral candidate Randall Hobbs was attacked by hitman Victor Zsasz in his office. All of Randall's bodyguards were killed and Randall ran to the outside. He was saved by the Strike Force, but Zsasz managed to shoot Josie, though she survived because of her bulletproof vest, but was stunned. Josie along with the rest of the Strike Force later joked about it at the GCPD precinct, though they were berated by Detective Bullock for doing so, because the next shot could be between the eyes.[1]


Season 2


  • Josephine MacDonald, also known as "Josie Mac", was created by Judd Winick and Cliff Chiang and first appeared in Detective Comics #763 (December, 2001). Like on the show, in the comics she is a member of Gotham City Police Department.


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