Jongleur was a member of the Cult of Jerome, and became it’s leader after Jerome Valeska’s second and final death, before Jeremiah Valeska assumes control of the cult. Jongelur led an attack on the Gotham City Police Department, and was captured by Jim Gordon and Harvey Bullock. He was subsequently captured by Oswald Cobblepot and Butch Gilzean hoping to use him as leverage against Jeremiah. Instead, Jeremiah blew him up with a grenade launcher.


Jongleur and the Cult of Jerome were at the cemetery, mourning Jerome’s death. The Mummer showed up, and Jongleur told her to leave as it was only invitation only. When The Mummer didn’t listen, Jongleur threw a knife at her that The Mummer caught effortlessly. The Mummer held up a megaphone and played a tape recording done by Jeremiah Valeska, posing as Jerome, and ordered the cult to attack the Gotham City Police Department’s Central Prescint. Jongleur and the cult used a battering ram to break in to the GCPD and he and a small group cornered Jim Gordon in the locker room. Harvey Bullock showed up and used taser on the other members and Jongleur dropped his knifes and surrendered. Jim and Harvey locked Jongleur up in the trunk of a car where they tasered him until he let slip that Bruce Wayne and Jeremiah were already dead. Jongleur was apprehend and put in the back of a prisoner van where Oswald Cobblepot and Solomon Grundy found him and captured him.[1]

Oswald and Grundy bring a tortured Jongleur to Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan where they reveal that Jeremiah Valeska is the culprit behind the attacks. Jongleur even mentioned that Grundy ripped off his fingernails. Oswald and Barbara set up a parley with Jeremiah at his hideout. During Oswald Cobblepot and Barbara Kean's demands with Jeremiah Valeska revolving around their cut in the crisis and an extended evacuation deadline, Jeremiah uses an RPG to kill Jongleur which also destroyed the core relay for the generators that he was attached to.[2]


Season 4


  • Jongleur shares his name with a minor antagonist from DC comics, who is also a member of the Superior Five: a group of villains who are the counterparts to a superhero parody group called The Inferior Five.


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