"He is a really good kid. He's got steel in him. He's going to grow up and be a strong man one day....If he lives long enough"
—Jeri to Jim about what she thinks about Bruce Wayne[src]

Jeri is a nightclub owner and runs a band inspired by the Maniax.


Jeri runs a nightclub in Gotham City and is in charge of a band devoted to the Maniax - a group that had terrorised the city a few months before. Bruce Wayne arrives at the club in order to acquire the location of his parents' killer Patrick Malone. Once alone with Jeri, she questioned him about his reasons for wanting to find Malone and after discovering the truth warns Bruce that Malone was a professional murderer. However, she refused to reveal his whereabouts asking for a good reason. When justice and money don't convince Jeri to do so, Bruce brings out the gun in his pocket, but Jeri quickly realizes that Bruce is unwilling to shoot her. Seeing Bruce leave with disappointment, she finally decides to provide Malone's address. Bruce asks why Jeri told him since she mentioned earlier that she and Malone were friends, while Jeri acknowledges her friendship she answers that she sees Bruce's potential as the childish hand of fate and was taking the chance at playing the role of God in the scenario. Later, Jeri has Jim Gordon attacked by her audience when he attempts to stop Bruce, which leads to Jim arresting her. She is brought to the precinct and although not cooperative at first, she eventually gives Jim the location of Malone's apartment after she sees the time, believing that Jim would be too late to stop Bruce by the time the former got there.[1]


Season 2


  • Jeri's character is a nod to The Joker, the most famous adversary of Batman, and possibly his companion, Harley Quinn. She is preceded by Jerome Valeska, whom Jeri devoted her club to.
  • Jeri's interrogation by Jim Gordon also seems to be a reference to a scene in the 2008 film The Dark Knight. On the show, Jim Gordon interrogates Jeri and she asks him the time, much like the Joker (portrayed by Heath Ledger) does with Batman (portrayed by Christian Bale) in the film.
  • Although Jeri is a follower of Jerome due to modeling her band after him, she was never seen among the Cult during Jerome's resurrection or his third rampage on Gotham.
  • Female versions of the Joker have appeared in the comics, although in parallel universes. This includes Bianca Steepleschase who resided on Earth-37 and appeared in Thrillkiller from 1997 to 1998.


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