"After Jerome died, he left one last final trap for me. He sprayed me with his insanity gas. "Special mixture, just for you, brother", he said."
Jeremiah Valeska to Bruce Wayne[src]

A jack-in-the-box that is capable of dispensing Laughing Gas was owned by Jeremiah Valeska. It was originally used by his brother Jerome Valeska in his plan to turn Jeremiah insane. He left the jack-in-the-box behind to spray Jeremiah in order for him to become Jerome's successor. After Jeremiah's descent into madness, he used the jack-in-the-box to traumatize Bruce Wayne while trying to prove to him that one bad day is all it takes to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy.


After Jerome's death, Jeremiah discovered a gift in his secret office and opened it. The gift is revealed to be a jack-in-the-box in the form of a disfigured clown head that sprays Jeremiah with a special mixture of the laughing venom created by Jerome. The gas then eventually drives Jeremiah completetly insane as Jerome's voice speaks to him in a recording coming out of the gift box, encouraging Jeremiah to be Jerome's sucessor and his ultimate revenge. Even though Jeremiah tried to fight the venom, it ultimately turned him into a complete maniac with white skin and red lips.[1]

Weeks later, Jeremiah revealed to Bruce Wayne that Jerome left one last trap behind after his death, a trap that sprayed Jeremiah with a special mixture of the Laughing gas.[2]

The next day, Jeremiah used the jack-in-the-box during his plan to turn Bruce Wayne mad. He had Bruce sprayed with the Fear gas by Scarecrow and then showed him video footage of a man getting tortured and sprayed with Laughing toxin by the jack-in-the-box. Due to the Fear serum, Bruce experienced hallucinations that caused him to see Alfred Pennyworth tortured in place of the man. When Bruce managed to find the room from which the footage was transmitted, he also saw the jack-in-the-box standing on a table near the man who got tied to a chair by Jeremiah's followers.[3]

People sprayed by the jack-in-the-box


Season 4


  • Like Jeremiah and Jerome, The Joker often uses a clown-themed jack-in-the-box as a laughing gas dispenser in the DC Comics.


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