Jennifer Luree is a reporter in Gotham City.


Jennifer reported on the deaths caused by the Balloonman vigilante.[1]

When Arkham Asylum was reopening, Jennifer interviewed mayor Aubrey James about its purpose and his plans for the asylum.[2]

Jennifer reported on the drug Viper, and how it gave the user superstrength, but then caused their death in a horrific fashion.[3]

When Jim Gordon has been framed for the murder of Carl Pinkney by Edward Nygma, Jennifer reported about the four week trial where Gordon was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years at Blackgate Penitentiary. She also mentions that Harvey Dent could not be reached for a comment.[4] Many weeks later, she reports on Jim Gordon's escape from Blackgate Penitentiary.[5]

Jennifer later reports on Azrael's attack on the Gotham City Police Department where Theo's face was seen by those watching it.[6]

Luree also reported on a truck that veered off the freeway, overturned and spilled its load of gasoline into Gotham's nature park. She also explained that the Gotham City Police Department is warning all citizens to remain clear.[7]

Jennifer reported on how the Cult of Jerome was laying seige to the Gotham City Police Department’s Central Precinct.[8] Subsequently, she also reported on the apparent death of Jim Gordon, who was in Jeremiah Valeska's maze when it exploded.[9]

Over eleven years later, Jennifer was there to cover the release of former Mayor Oswald Cobblepot. She asked him what his first action as a free man would be, to which Oswald replied that he would be laying a flower on the grave of his mother. 



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