Jacob Volk
Jacob Volk.png
Family Luka Volk (brother)
Unnamed sister
Affiliation The Whisper Gang
Occupation Smuggler
Status Deceased
First "Mad City: Time Bomb"
Appeared in 2 episodes (see below)
Portrayed by Julien Seredowych
"You possess the key. The key opens the safe. Inside the safe is an object that can bring down the Court of Owls. None of this has changed."
—Jacob Volk to Bruce Wayne[src]

Jacob Volk was a smuggler from Kiev, Ukraine, and a member of a smuggler gang known as the Whisper Gang, which he led after the death of his brother, Luka Volk. Deciding to honor the alliance with Bruce Wayne, he and his fellow smugglers became a target for the Court of Owls.


Seeking revenge

Jacob was among the Whisper Gang members that came to parlay with Bruce Wayne and his associates regarding the key that could open a safe house containing something priceless to the Court of Owls. He was introduced by his brother, Luka Volk, to Bruce, along with Dmitry, another member of the gang.[1]

After Luka and Dmitry were killed by the Court's Talon, Jacob and his men found the bodies. Deciding to continue his brother's quest for revenge against the Court of Owls, Jacob came to the Wayne Manor to discuss the plan to enter the Court's safe house with Bruce. Although Bruce suspected that "the Whispers" would double-cross him, Jacob has shown some honor among the thieves, arming Bruce and Selina with crossbows, agreeing to a plan, than leaving to prepare his gang. Before they could help Bruce, however, the Whisper Gang members were caught and tortured by Talon, Jacob among them. After some torture, Talon sliced the smugglers' throats.[2]

Powers and abilities


  • Skilled crossbowman: Jacob, like other members of the Whisper Gang, was armed with a crossbow, two of which he lent to Bruce and Selina.
  • Tactician/Planning: Jacob was behind the plan to infiltrate the Court's safe house, which, despite his own death and a major setback personified by Talon, was successful.


  • Crossbow: Jacob, like other members of the Whisper Gang, was armed with a crossbow.


Season 3


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