"Bravo! You've asked the right question. The first step to enlightenment."
—Isaac Steiner[src]

Isaac Steiner was a Philosophy Professor at Gotham University.


Issac Steiner was a former professor of Stan Potolsky at Gotham University. Steiner assisted Potolsky in devising the plan to get WellZyn to shut down their pharmaceutical weapons by using Viper to kill citizens of Gotham, after they revived the program following the death of the Waynes. When confronted by Detectives Gordon and Bullock, Steiner used a dose of the drug on himself to attack the GCPD officers after being questioned concerning Potolsky's whereabouts. He was then shot, and killed, by Jim Gordon.[1]


  • Enhanced strength: After taking a dose of Viper, Steiner became inhumanly strong, enough to ragdoll Harvey Bullock and bend his metal walker. He lifted Bullock up with one hand and pinned him against a wall with his cane.
  • Enhanced durability: Steiner was unaffected by Jim Gordon shooting him in the back twice.


Season 1


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