Holden Pritchard is a politician and was the interim mayor of Gotham City, replacing Burke for a short time.


When Burke was laying low outside of Gotham City, Holden Pritchard became the interim mayor in his place. While meeting with Commissioner Reynolds, Archbishop McGregor, Gertrude Haverstock, and Gloria Bainbridge, their building came under attack by Jerome Valeska, Jonathan Crane, Jervis Tetch, Victor Fries, Bridgit Pike, and Oswald Cobblepot who kill the security personnel and take them hostage. Gloria was used as an example of the gas that Jerome plans to unleashed. Crashing the Gotham Music Festival in Paisley Square, Jerome shows Interim Mayor Pritchard, Commissioner Reynolds, Archbishop McGregor, and Gertrude Haverstock as his hostages as he demands a ransom of Jeremiah Valeska and Bruce Wayne by having neck bombs placed on the hostages. Commissioner Reynolds and Archbishop McGregor were killed as examples. Thanks to a strategy by Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox, they were able to thwart Jerome's plans that also involved the gas being dropped on Paisley Square and rescue Interim Mayor Pritchard and Gertrude Haverstock.[1]

After Jeremiah demanded the evacuation of Gotham City in six hours before he blows it up using Gotham Clock Tower as an example, Harvey Bullock informs Holden Pritchard to go ahead with the evacuation order. After Harvey successfully disarms one bomb, he is advised by Gordon not to have Pritchard call off the evacuation.[2]


Season 4


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