Henry Weaver is an inmate at the Blackgate Penitentiary.


Henry Weaver is the older brother of an unspecified member of the Red Hood Gang.

Imprisonment at Blackgate

Weaver was convicted for unknown crimes in the Blackgate Penitentiary and there he served as the muscle of the corrupt warden, Carlson Grey. Weaver was responsible for beating prisoners who weren't "on the play" on behalf of Grey, sometimes even killing them. When Jim Gordon was convicted, Weaver constantly tormented him and during one of his first days due to him having killed his brother during a gunfight between the police and the Red Hood Gang. Gordon was beaten badly by Weaver and some other prison thugs. Later, Weaver ordered his thugs to beat Gordon's friend in the facility, Peter Davies, and fatally wounded him. During one of his attempts to kill Gordon, Weaver was sent to the "Hole", presumably a more secluded cell. Weaver was present during a night film, where he attempted to kill Gordon again, but during the film a thug "killed" Gordon with a knife. It was later revealed that it was a retractable-knife, and Weaver is not seen again after.[1]


Season 2


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