Harvey Dent's coin is a double-headed Silver Dollar.


District attorney Harvey Dent ownes a silver dollar that he often uses it in talks with young offenders and other minor criminals, claiming that he will let them pick a side and then leave it up to fate to determine if he sends them to jail or lets them off with promises that they won't repeat their actions, musing that the strategy works as most teenagers pick 'Heads'.

When he managed to catch a juvenile criminal, Dent used his coin as part of a tactic to convince the boy to reform, asking him to wager his release on the flip. The teenager then won by choosing 'Heads' and Harvey Dent told him to take it as a sign from God that he should change his life. Because the coin is two-headed and almost all teenagers call it 'Heads', it seems to work most of the time.[1]


Season 1


  • This is the first live-action appearance of Harvey Dent's Coin on television and the third live-action version overall, with the first being in the 1995 Film "Batman Forever" and the second being in the 2008 live-action movie "The Dark Knight".
  • In the DC comics, Harvey Dent's villainous alter ego Two-Face owns a double-headed Silver Dollar as his favored possession and the tool that aids his weapon of choice, making descisions, that was introduced in Detective Comics #66 (August 1942). The coin originally belonged to mob boss Sal Maroni, who was prosecuted by lawyer Harvey Dent and turned latter one into Two-Face by splashing acid into his face. Dent then took Maroni's lucky double-headed coin. Most famously, Two-Face uses the two-headed silver dollar, one side of which is scarred, the other side clean. Flipping the coin dictates Dent when making any significant life decisions. If the coin lands on the scarred side, Two-Face will pursue acts of evil. If the coin lands on the unmarked side, he is compelled to commit acts of good. Two-Face often defers to his coin in choices of life and death, to the point that he will rely on the coin even if the subsequent flip jeopardizes his own plans.
    • In later stories, the coin belonged to Dent's abusive father.


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