Harrison Kane was the Deputy Mayor of Gotham City under Aubrey James.



At a fundraiser for Gotham Children's Hospital, Harrison questioned Theo Galavan about where the latter originated from before being introduced to Theo's sister, Tabitha, telling the both of them that when a handsome billionaire appeared out of nowhere, people got curious and asking for a tidbit at the least. After being told that Theo was a monster in the sack by Tabitha, Kane was asked by Tabitha whether or not any news had been discovered about Mayor Aubrey James' disappearance. However, Harrison told her that it was a mystery to everyone, and they didn't know where he was. Harrison was soon after asked by Theo to excuse himself as Theo and Tabitha had to discuss family business. Later, he was called up on stage by Jerome Valeska disguised as a magician and later killed by a knife thrown at his chest by Valeska.[1]

With Kane dead and Mayor Aubrey James still "missing," an election was held to find an acting mayor to run Gotham City.[2]


Season 2


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