Hammer was a fighter named after his preferred weapon, who was hired by Cherry to battle at her place.


When Cherry decided to recruit Solomon Grundy for her fight club, she chose Hammer to be the first one to take on the challenge of facing the new adversary. As soon as the fight begun, Hammer was able to hit Grundy multiple times with his weapon, beating him on his knees. Hammer and the audience then started to cheer, believing the fight was already over. However, Grundy's manager Edward Nygma then ran to Solomon and ordered him to fight now. Thereupon, Grundy stood up and managed to tear up the weapon out of Hammer's hands, hit his opponent into the face, causing him to fall down. Hammer found his death when he was beaten fatally with his own hammer by Grundy. While the audience started to cheer Grundy's name, Cherry ordered the club's doctor Lee Thompkins to clean up what's left of Hammer.[1]


Season 4


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