"You want me to finish the job or not?"
—Griffin Krank to Edward Nygma[src]

Griffin Krank is the former owner of Krank Toys and Models and the father of Cosmo Krank. He is an assassin, alias The Toy Maker, that uses modified, weaponised antique toys to murder his victims. He was hired by The Riddler to kill Lee Thompkins, a task he ultimately failed to complete.


Griffin Krank infiltrated the assembly held by Lee Thompkins and Edward Nygma. He launched a toy plane with a bomb that would go towards Lee until it was deflected by Solomon Grundy. Though the bomb exploded, Lee was unharmed as Jim Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth assisted with the evacuation while Griffin slipped away. When Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox visit the toy store following the bomb-rigged attempt on Lee Thompkins' life, Cosmo was asked if anyone else worked here and states that his father was upstars as he goes to get him. After some near encounters with a large nutcracker with a gun and an explosive robot, Gordon and Fox run outside and see Griffin running as Cosmo stops them to keep them harming his father. Cosmo stated that he doesn't know why his father would try an attack on someone and that he had heard his father conversing with someone for a hit. Though Cosmo didn't know who the person was. As Gordon and Fox leave the toy store, they tell the arriving police officers that Griffin's son is still inside. When it came to his sighting at Cherry's, Nygma followed him where it was revealed during this confrontation that Edward hired him. Nygma then figured out that his Riddler side acted on his own. Before anything else can happen, Gordon appeared and shot Griffin. While Nygma stated that Griffin didn't say who hired him, Gordon called up the Gotham City Police Department about Griffin being taken down.[2]


"Well, it seems like a piece of a toy plane. And, yet, If I'm not mistaken, it's covered in plastic explosive residue. There's also the remnants of what seem like trigger wire. Whoever built it takes pride in their work and has considerable talent, historical knowledge even. Look at the detail."
"Pretty alaborate.
Lucius Fox and Jim Gordon[src]

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  • The Toy Maker originated from the animated series The Batman (2004), rather than the comic books. In the series, he was actually Cosmo Krank, Griffin's son, who used futuristic toys as weapons. Although Toy Maker has yet to make an appearance in the DC Comics Universe, his company Krank co. Toys can be seen in the video games Batman: Arkham City (2011) and Batman: Arkham Knight (2015), serving as a precedent for the character to make future appearances in other media.


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