Gregor Kasyanov (born March 7, 1976[1]) was a member of the Russian Mob.


Taking over the Russian mob after Nikolai was killed, Kasyanov and the Russian mob broke out Ian Hargrove as he was being taken out of Blackgate Penitentiary for treatment. Using his bomb making skills, Kasyanov and the mob blew up the Gotham Munitions Factory, stealing military grade HMX, using the explosive to rob the Gotham Armory Basement, after being tipped off by Fish Mooney that Falcone kept money there, and that it was Falcone's fault that Nikolai was dead. After taking the money and attempting to leave, Kasyanov, Hargrove, and the russian mob were surrounded by the GCPD, with Kasyanov being killed by a bomb left at the bottom of their truck by Mooney, who aimed to hurt Falcone.[1]


Season 1


  • Kasyanov's social security number was: 013-00-6062.


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