Grace Fairchild was a victim of The Ogre.


Taken captive by the Ogre

While at a bar, Grace met Jason Skolimski, and the two had drinks together, with Grace questioning how a successful, good looking guy like him, could be single. After being told by Skolimski that what he was looking for frightened most women, and reassuring her it was nothing weird, he told Grace that what he was looking for, was unconditional love in a partner. Impressed with him, Grace went back to his apartment with him. Waking up the next morning after staying the night, Grace told Jason that she had to leave as she was already late for work, and had to go home to change. Attempting to depart, she was prevented from doing so by Jason.

Months later, while having dinner with Jason, he decided that things weren't working out, and since, despite her best efforts and pleading, she wasn't 'the one', he killed her.[1]


Season 1


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