Grace Blomdhal
Occupation Student
Status Alive
First "A Dark Knight: A Day in the Narrows"
Appeared in
Portrayed by Samia Finnerty

Grace Blomdhal is a student of Anders Preparatory Academy.


Grace is a friend of Bruce Wayne's from school who shows up at the auction at his house. Grace finds Bruce in the kitchen where she says "hi" and asks if he would like to go somewhere. Grace takes Bruce to the home of her friend, Brant Jones where her other friends Tommy Elliot and Emma Hsueh are. When Brant is about to make Bruce angry, Grace suggests that they go to a club that Brant's friend said they could get in. When arriving at the club, the bouncer states that they are not on the list, Bruce states that the bouncer doesn't care who Brant is and Brant calls Bruce a freak.  Bruce walks off to talk to someone and soon returns, stating he has bought the club and doesn't let Brant in. By the end of the night, Bruce and Grace kiss and continue to party at the club and get drunk along with their friends.[1]


Season 4


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