General Policies


Warnings from administrators and rollbacks are not to be removed.

Gotham Wiki has a set of policies and guidelines which are expected to be followed. If a user does not follow these policies, they will be given a series of three warnings. After which, if they're violated again, said user will be blocked for a period of time, depending on the violation.

Vandalism and Trolling will result in a permanent ban.


Badge hoarding is forbidden. Badge hoarding is when a user makes nonconstructive edits in order to receive a specific badge. Any user who does so will be blocked for a period of time.


Do not add any categories that are redundant. If it isn't made yet, it likely isn't needed, or wanted.

Replacing content

Unless the content is terribly written, do NOT replace someone else's hard work, such as biographies.


Speculation is only allowed in blogs and forums. You can add speculation in the trivia/notes sections of articles as long as you don't show any certainty. Do not place any speculation in the main sections of the articles.


Alternate/Sockpuppet accounts are completely forbidden as long as you give the administrator a good reason (ie. You forgot your password and lost the email linked to it). If you are caught with an alternate account, you will be banned for an unspecified amount of time. If you are caught using one for ban evasion, your ban will be extended.

Edit Wars

Do not edit war. Once your edit has been reverted thrice, you are to make a compromise on the talk page of that certain article or on the opposing users talk page. Never edit war with an ADMIN under any circumstances.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.