The Gotham Wiki's users are expected to adhere to policies and follow guidelines, and while in Chat these rules are no different.

Chat Moderator

Because Administrators cannot monitor chat behavior constantly, notable users have been given Chat Moderator privileges. These users are regularly on the chat and monitor the behavior of the users in it.


  • Profanity: General profanity is permitted on the chat. However, swearing directed at another person in a negative way is a form of personal attack, and considered cyber bullying. This is not to be tolerated.
  • Spam: While sharing a video or image every once in awhile is allowed, posting multiple videos or images to yours or someone else's work is considered spam. This also includes advertising your own site or webpages to sign up to.
  • Personal attacks – Users attacking other users personally in regards to anything, should be given one warning prior to ban. The length of the ban is dependent on the severity of personal attacks. This includes threats of any kind or directly insulting someone severely.
  • Trolling: Trolling is not tolerated on Gotham Wiki chat and will get said user banned for a short amount of time. Extensive trolling can be carried over to the site leading into a short term block. Trolling can include, but is not limited to: calling out other users, posting off topic information, intent to stir up tension, large fights or flame wars, having an overall bad behavior and/or bad manners.


If a Chat Moderator or Administrator isn't present in the Gotham Wiki chatroom, any offenses should be reported to an Administrator.