Gotham County is a county where Gotham City is located.


The boundaries of Gotham are formed by three large islands called Uptown, Midtown and Downtown.

Accompanied by these is Arkham Island, Tricorner , The Narrows and Blackgate Island.

Separated the city by the Gotham River, is the limits where is the District Sommerset and Gotham Forests.



Uptown is a region of the Gotham City metropolitan area. It is located in the smallest island north of Gotham City Midtown and Downtown.


Midtown is a region of the Gotham City metropolitan area. It is located in the island center of Gotham City.


Downtown is a region of the Gotham City metropolitan area. It is located in the largest island south of Gotham City Midtown and Uptown; it borders the Atlantic Ocean. 

Bristol County


Gotham is connected to the outside by three giant bridges.

The first bridge called Trigate Bridge is located in the Sommerset District and ends at Arkham Island, here is also the Arkham Bridge that connects Uptown with Midtown

The second bridge is Brown Bridge that is connected Downtown with the exterior.

The third bridge, called Robert Kane Bridge, connects Uptown with the Bristol District. The bridge is so called in homage to the Kane Family.

Other known bridges are:

Gotham has routes that run through the city, among the most famous is Route 80 and Route 77.


Gotham is crossed by the Gotham River, from Uptown to Tricorner Island, Between Uptown and Midtown is the Burnley River, Between Midtown and Downtown is Gotham Docklands

On the other side of Gotham, near the Atlantic Ocean, is Bob Kane Sound, the name is in memory of the Kane family

Other known waterways are:

Parks and Recreatives Areas

Gotham has several green spaces, but the main one is Robinson Park, which is located in the center of Gotham, in Midtown. the southern part of the park is divided by the Rio, which is located in Downtown.Here in the same park is The Conservatory which is a large lake within the park.

On the outskirts of Gotham, is Gotham Woods which is the largest forest in the city, bordered by Wayne Manor and the Sommerset District.

Other known parks:


The vast majority of politicians in Gotham are corrupt, receiving money from criminals for their illegal operations, The Falcone crime family controlled several of these politicians

Among the mayors are:


Other Politicans

Organized Crime

Law in Gotham

In Gotham, the laws are dictated by the GCPD, the vast majority are corpuptos working for the Falcone family.

Among the outstanding commissioners are:


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