Gotham City Opera, also known as the Gotham Opera House[1] is an opera house located in Gotham City.


Three months before the Wayne murder, Thomas and Martha Wayne had visited the Gotham City Opera House. Thomas briefly spotted Hugo Strange in the lobby, where the Professor was talking to a woman that was a major benefactor in the arts world. Strange and Wayne made eye contact for a moment, but Thomas did not see him again seated anywhere during or after the show.[2]

The location of the Gotham City Opera was visible on a map used by James Gordon, Harvey Bullock and Lucius Fox at the GCPD in order to retrace Jeremiah Valeska's plan.[3]




  • The Gotham Opera House is a recurring location in DC Comics. It also appeared in the 1966 TV series Batman and the 2005 movie Batman Begins.
    • In Batman Begins, Gotham City Opera replaced the Monarch Theatre as the destination the Wayne family visited before the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. In most constinuities including Gotham, Bruce Wayne and his parents watched The Mark of Zorro at the Monarch Theatre instead.


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