The Gotham Chapel is a small church located in Gotham City.


After Elijah Van Dahl was poisoned by Grace and her children Charles and Sasha, his funeral was hold at the Gotham Chapel. In front of his father's coffin, Oswald Cobblepot said that even though he only knew him a short time, he came to him when he was alone in this cold world and gave him a family. He promised that he will never forget him as long as he lives. Grace and her children were very bored by the funeral and happy when it ended, looking forward to the money and the house Elijah left them. However, Oswald then hugged Grace, telling her that Elijah loved them all so much, but she moved on telling him that as painful as this is, they have to talk practicalities, asking him if he wants her to call a cab or if he is going to take the bus. Due to Oswald's blankness, Grace explained him that he won't return to the house with them, since Elijah inherited his property to her and she's simply not comfortable sleeping under the same roof as a notorious murderer. When they tried to leave him behind in the church, Oswald said that he changed and that his father was all that he had, they shared the same blood and he wanted them to be together. He then begged them to let him stay, promising them he would do anything. Even though her kids weren't happy about it, Grace told him that they indeed need help running the house and could save the money needed to pay servants by using Cobblepot. She then moved on telling him to get rid of his flowers, since she found them disgusting. After Oswald left, Grace had a discussion with Charles and Sasha at the chapel, explaining to them that Oswald is Elijah's only actual son and could make things difficult with the right lawyer, especially if they investigate how Elijah died. Grace then told them she planned to keep him around and get rid of him after a suitable amount of time goes by, with the excuse that Oswald will take his own life out of depressions. Till then they have a free servant.[1]


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