The Gotham Cemetery is a burial site in Gotham City.


After their murders, Thomas and Martha Wayne were laid to rest at Gotham Cemetery. Bruce Wayne and a bunch of other people attended the funeral which was secretly watched by Selina Kyle.[1]

Oswald Cobblepot's mother Gertrud Kapelput was buried here after being murdered by Theo and Tabitha Galavan. After he was released from Arkham Asylum he visited her grave, in which he crossed paths with his father Elijah Van Dahl for the first time. Elijah came to lay flowers at Gertrud's grave, and when finding out Oswald's age worked out that they are father and son.[2]

Jerome was buried at the cemetery following his second demise, with his followers paying tribute. They were approached by Ecco who played a tape recording to them (that appeared to be left for them by Jerome), ordering them to dig up his grave and stage him a wake at the G.C.P.D., which the excited followers complied. Later on in the day, the seemingly paranoid twin brother of Jeremiah Valeska claims his brother is still alive, and takes Bruce Wayne hostage and takes him to the graveside, where he witnesses his brother's corpse. They are ambushed by Jerome's followers, but Jeremiah proceeds to execute one of the followers in cold blood, before revealing he had put on an act all along, and that he intended to be a far more superior criminal compared to his brother.




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