"Do you remember when we first visited this place? How excited I was to get married here?"
Barbara Kean to James Gordon[src]

The Gotham Cathedral is a monolithic church located in Gotham City. With its colossal main tower, the Cathedral easily dwarfes the surrounding area.


When they were still engaged, James Gordon and Barbara Kean once visited the Gotham Cathedral and booked it for their planned wedding.

In a nightmare, Barbara Kean enters in a wedding dress at Gotham Cathedral to wed Jim Gordon. But the wedding turns into a disaster when priest Callahan becomes Oswald Cobblepot, Theo Galavan becomes the wedding's pianist, and the guests become inmates of Arkham Asylum. A bird then comes flying out of Barbara's mouth, and she's afterwards bonded and gagged while everyone around mocks her, including Jim and Leslie Thompkins who had taken her place as the bride. Thereafter, she wakes up from her horrible dream.

The same day, Barbara Kean and Tabitha Galavan manage to tranquilize James Gordon. Later, Gordon awakens in the cathedral tied to a wheelchair. Barbara enters dressed as a bride holding a shotgun, ready to begin the ceremony. She even assembled some hostages and priest Callahan against their will. Though Gordon tells her he doesn't want to die, Barbara replies that he did, and asks him if he is tired of lying to himself and Lee. James tells Barbara that he didn't lie to Lee. Leslie who is also tied to a wheelchair is then brought in by Tabitha, since Barbara plans to marry Jim in front of Leslie. Gordon eventually breaks free and grabs the shotgun Barbara had previously wielded. The GCPD then arrives invading the cathedral, while Tabitha escapes and Jim follows Barbara up to the top of the church. In the ensuing struggle, Barbara goes through a stained glass window, but is saved from falling thanks to Jim. She tells Gordon where Mayor Aubrey James is held captive. However, Barbara then releases her hand from his grip, falling to the ground. Afterwards, Leslie informs Jim that Barbara's life was saved thanks to bushes that broke her fall, but is in critical condition.[1]

When Jerome Valeska caused a citywide blackout, Gotham City descended into chaos and the Cult of Jerome took over various locations in the city, including the Gotham Cathedral.[2]



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  • This is the second live-action appearance of the Gotham Cathedral, as its first live-action appearance was in the 1989 film "Batman", where it became the site of the final confrontation between Batman and the Joker.
  • Since the Gotham Cathedral became a popular and recognized landmark due to the film, the building was later inserted into the comic books and other Batman media.
  • A similar but separate church is featured in the third and fourth season. It is unclear whether or not both cathedrals are intended to be the same.


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