Not to be confused with Arkham Asylum

Gotham Asylum is an institute for the mentally ill and located in Gotham City.


Jonathan Crane was sent to Gotham Asylum shortly after being exposed to his father Gerald Crane's fear serum, which caused him to hallucinate a nightmarish bogeyman figure in the form of a scarecrow. However, Jonathan didn't receive the proper treatment or therapy required, and instead the asylum's warden Reed used Jonathan's fears to control him and keep him in check. Jonathan is released by a bribed Warden Reed and handed over to a gang of criminals led by Grady Harris and Merton, as they wanted Jonathan to replicate his father's fear toxin.[1]

Having given into his fear and taken on the moniker of the Scarecrow (and even dressing as one to fit the part), a vengeful Jonathan returned to Gotham Asylum and confronted Warden Reed in his office, dousing him in the serum and causing him to hallucinate his fear of clowns. Scarecrow proceeded to takeover the asylum, and exposed the patients to the serum to make them join his side. Most of the guards fled from the asylum and Jim Gordon went there alone when none of the members of the Gotham City Police Department wanted to take part in reclaiming Gotham Asylum. After Gordon faced his fears upon being exposed to the fear gas and sets off the sprinklers, Scarecrow got away.[2]


Known patients


Season 4


  • The asylum is similar to Arkham Asylum, a major landmark in the DC Universe which is prominently featured throughout the show. 


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