The Gilzean Gang was a small group of gangsters led by Butch Gilzean, after he betrayed his boss Oswald Cobblepot.


The gang was formed some time after Tabitha Galavan freed Butch of his brainwashing condition caused by Victor Zsasz on the behalf of Cobblepot. The gang is only seen eating pizzas at their headquarters but are interrupted by James Gordon and Harvey Bullock. Shortly after, Zsasz and a horde of henchmen arrive and threaten to shoot the building down and tell the gang they have 60 secs to get out. Butch's goons quickly get out and ignore what their boss says and are apparently left untouched by Zsasz. After Gordon, Butch and Bullock miss their chance to escape, Zsasz and the henchmen shoot the building. Gordon and Bullock then pick two machine guns and gun Zsasz's henchmen down. Zsasz leaves after he is presumably defeated. But when the detectives look at the place where Butch was tied up, he isn't there anymore. The gang is probably disbanded after this.[1]

After Cobblepot was wanted for the murder of Theo Galavan, Butch took over the Gotham criminal underworld with his own crime family.[2]



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